April 2015

A separation at the 33rd International Film Festival of Uruguay.

21 April, 2015

We are happy to have Karin Ekberg presenting A separation at the 33rd International Film Festival of Uruguay.
Thanks to the Swedish Institute and  Nordic Culture Fund we had the opportunity to have the Director visiting the festival and be a part of the Cine Nordic.  A separation was screened twice and the following Q&As was popular.

The director says: -“It was exiting to be at the South American premiere screening of A separation in Montevideo. The reception was very positive and the audience was active and asked many questions. Many more than I expected had links to Sweden since they was refugees during the 1970-80’s. Many were in my parents’ age and their lives had taken unexpected ways, their relationships had been tested by migration and break-ups. They seemed deeply touched by the movie. Personally, I was moved by Uruguay’s hospitality and hope to soon be able to return.”

Photo: Director Karin Ekberg and Jim Larsson, Founder of Cine Nordico.


17 April, 2015

Listen to the news about the Momento fiction project Break the Silence by five Cannes awarded directors. The films bring light to the increasing worldwide demand of sexual child violence.

The director Anahita Ghazvinizadeh says her film is about the memories of a abused child and Frida Kempff answers why she first said no to participating in the project. Producer David Herdies stress the importance of creative artistic films for everyone to understand the seriousness of the problem.

The film project is initiated by Change Attitude.