September 2014

HBO Invisible Camera Award to A Separation

29 September, 2014

We are very happy to announce that A SEPARATION won the HBO Invisible Camera Award at Budapest International Documentary Filmfestival. Congratulations to Karin Ekberg and the rest of the wonderful team that made this film possible!

Read more about the price at the film festivals homepage.

4 x Momento Film at Nordisk Panorama

1 September, 2014

Great news from Nordisk Panorama! We are happy to announce that A Separation is nominated for the Nordic Documentary Award. Ouaga Girls, a documentary in development at Momento Film, is selected to pitch, Falling (in production) is selected as observer + and director Kerstin Überlacker and Michael Cavanagh from our co-production Ghost Rocket is doing a work in progress session.

Read more about the program at Nordisk Panorama’s homepage.

Except from being selected to the competition at Nordisk Panorama , A Separation recently won Best Nordic Documentary at the Nordic Docs in Norway and will be screened next internationally at Krakow Film Festival and Budapest Film Festival.