Momento Film is an independent production company based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded by David Herdies in 2011 and since 2016 co-owned by Michael Krotkiewski. Momento Film strives to be a harbor for both established and emerging talent who want to challenge the borders of filmmaking.

Momento has positioned itself on the European market with high-profile titles premiered and awarded at the most important film festivals. Their latest releases include DOGBORN by Isabella Carbonell (Best director under 40 at SIC, Venice Film Festival 2022), AMPARO by Simon Mesa Soto (awarded Rising Star Award at Semaine De La Critique in Cannes 2021), ALL OF OUR HEARTBEATS ARE CONNECTED THROUGH EXPLODING STARS (Hot Docs, Visions Du Reel 2022 + 5 awards) YUNG LEAN: IN MY HEAD by Henrik Burman (Tribeca FF 2020, sold to VICE and HBO MAX), TRANSNISTRA by Anna Eborn (Guldbagge Best Documentary, Big Screen Award at Rotterdam IFFR and the Dragon Award for best Nordic Documentary at Gothenburg IFF 2019) HAMADA by Eloy Domínguez Serén (IDFA 2018 +11 awards) and MADRE by Simón Mesa Soto (Official Short Film Competition in Cannes 2016).

Currently Momento Film is working on a slate of projects including MADAME LUNA directed by Daniel Espinosa (SAFE HOUSE, MORBIUS), KALAK written and directed by Isabella Eklöf (HOLIDAY, BORDER), LEAVING JESUS directed by Ellen Fiske (SCHEME BIRDS) and THE SWEDISH TORPEDO by Frida Kempff (KNOCKINGS). The producers are part of the international producers’ networks EAVE, ACE and Eurodoc, and in 2018 David Herdies was Producer on the Move in Cannes.

In 2017 Momento Studio opened the subsidiary company Momento Studio, a full-service boutique sound studio, facilitating international co-productions.


2022 – Dogborn, 84 min fiction

2021 – Amparo, 95 min fiction

2021 – Bellum – The Daemon of War, 88 min documentary

2020 – Yung Lean – In My Head, 97 min documentary

2020 – Tiny Tim – King for a Day, 78 min documentary

2019 – Buddha in Africa, 90 min documentary (Co-producer)

2019 – Transnistra,  93 min documentary

2018 – Hamada, 89 min documentary

2018 – Jauría, 15 min fiction

2018 – Horizon105 min fiction (Co-producer)

2018 – My heart belongs to Daddy87 min documentary (Co-producer)

2017 – Ouaga Girls, 83 min documentary

2017 – Lida, 86 min documentary (Co-producer)

2016 – Dear Kid (Älskade unge), 13 min fiction

2016 – What remains, 19 min fiction

2016 – Miles of Sand, 14 min fiction

2016 – Madre, 14 min fiction

2016 – Rust, 14 min documentary

2016 – Fragility (Skörheten), 73/58 min documentary

2015 – Yellow Brick Road, 14 min documentary

2015 – Circles (Cirklar), 13 min documentary

2015 – Winter Buoy (Vinterboj), 86 min documentary

2015 – Ghost Rockets, 72/58 min documentary (Co-producer)

2015 – Dybbuk, 85 min documentary (Co-producer)

2014 – A Separation (Att Skiljas), 72/58 min documentary

2013 – While no one is watching (När ingen ser), 58 min documentary

2012 – Give Us The Money (part of  Why Poverty?), 58 min documentary

2011 – The Guerilla Son (Gerillasonen), 73/58 min documentary

2010 – Fardosa, 13 min documentary

2009 – Citizen Oketch, 58 min documentary

Contact us

David Herdies

Managing Director & Producer

Michael Krotkiewski

Producer & Director

Mirjam Gelhorn


Momento Studio

Momento Studio was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary to Momento Film to take care of our and others post production. At a central location in Stockholm we offer our clients a world-class sound and editing service for film, tv and advertising projects. On location we supply our staff with the latest equipment for editing suites, and production services, and hope to offer you our knowledge and love for the film medium.

Our sound room is built on the inspirational fun of a music studio and the finest precision and accuracy of a post production room. Whether you’re looking for a rare Balafon instrument from Mali or a obscure soundscape for your film, we start where others stop.

The studio houses a THX-certified JBL 5.1 surround system and a unique hybrid between vintage and modern state of the art equipment to offer every aspect possible when creating Sound to picture.

Read more about the studio at momentostudio.se

Film Equipment Rental

Momento Film provides rental services for camera and sound equipment as well as a fully equipped editing studio. Please check our different offers below, and get in contact with us at info@momentofilm.se for rentals and more information. In Swedish here.

Camera package 1
Price: 3 500 SEK/day
AC Adapter
2 x batteries
3 x 64GB memory cards
Follow Focus
Samyang optics
-14 mm
– 35 mm
– 85 mm
Sachtler tripod
DVTec Rigg Extreme
Rain Protection

Camera package 2
Price: 1 000 SEK/day
Canon 5D
2 x batteries
2 x 32 GB + 1 x 16 GB memory cards
Canon optics 2,8:24-70 IS
Fixed Nikon optics 24, 35, 55, 85, 135 mm
Manfrotto tripod
Swedish cameleon + follow focus

Sound package with 1 recorder + accessories
Price: 1 500 SEK/day
Sound recorder
Edirol R44
Zoom H6
Zoom H4N

microphones and  accessories
Sennheiser microphone HD25
Röde NTG3
Wind shield/Wind jammer
Röde boom
3 x Sennheiser portable microphone
3 x DPA 4060 portable microphone
3 x LR cables
3 x Sennheiser headphones

Editing studio
Price: 4 000 SEK/week
Mac Pro 2×3 Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon
2 screens + 40 inch monitor
Studio Speakers Audiotec
AVID Media Composer 7.0
Final Cut Pro 7.0.3
Adobe CS6 including Premiere and After Effects

The price includes coffee and access to meeting rooms with viewing opportunities.