Winter Buoy in US Netflix

3 November, 2016

Happy news for all friends in USA and Canada! Our film Winter Buoy, by Frida Kempff, is now available on Netflix. Follow the guardian angels of a unique Toronto public health initiative, tirelessly helping a group of pregnant women battling addiction, begin recovery and start a new life.

1 MADRE Final

Madre wins a Gold Hugo

22 October, 2016

Wonderful news from Chicago! Momento Film’s MADRE, directed by Simón Mesa Soto won a Live Action Gold Hugo in the short film category. We congratualte Simón and the whole team.
Motivation: “Madre is a powerful portrayal of the emotional trauma and desperation of a teenage girl exploited by the porn industry. The film masterfully depicts the innocence and the desperation of the young girl, her inner pain, and the brutality of the business with a subtle quiet intimate approach, (and minimal use of actors and settings) through beautiful cinematography that moves from brightness towards darkness as the film concludes with the girl’s moments of realization. For this we award the Gold Hugo to Madre by Simon Mesa Soto.”


Top reviews for Fragility

25 September, 2016

Our documentary Fragility by director Ahang Bashi had it’s Swedish theater premiere September 6th and has since received an overwhelming response. It got top reviews by several major news papers and radioshows, below are links to some of them.  If you missed the movie on cinema it will be screened at SVT early 2017.

6/6 in Svenska Dagbladet. “Alla, absolut alla, bör se den här filmen” (in Swedish)
5/5 in Kulturnytt, P1, Swedish Radio. “Skörheten är en fantastisk film” (in Swedish)
5/5 in Göteborgsposten. “Häpnadsväckande och välgörande” (in Swedish)
4/5 in Sydsvenskan. “Jag har  aldrig tidigare sett den psykiska ohälsan skildrad så naken och autentisk” (in Swedish)