The Dybbuk

Krzysztof Kopczyński (2015)

Every year thousands of orthodox Hasidic Jews travel to Uman in Ukraine to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, and pray at the grave of their spiritual leader Rebbe Nachman. How can these two completely different worlds – the Ukrainian and the Jewish – coexist in the city where Cossacks murdered 20 000 Jews 250 years ago? Does the power of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings bring the long-time enemies closer?



Info & Credits

Directed by
Krzysztof Kopczyński
Krzysztof Kopczyński/Eureka Media
Executive Producer
Kuba Kosma/Eureka Media, Genady Kofman/MaGiKa Film & National Cinematheque, Ukraine
Co-produced by
David Herdies
Jacek Petrycki
Oleg Goloveshkin
Edited by
Michał Leszczyłowski
Witold Krassowski
With support from
The Swedish Film Institute/Cecilia Lidin, SVT – Swedish Television/Axel Arnö, Polish Film Institute, State Film Agency of Ukraine, Media Programme EU, The Society for Arts (USA)

Dybbuk | 2014 | 52/58 min | Ukrainian, Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew

Awards and nominations

Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine, 2015 (FIPRESCI Best Documentary)
Krakow Film Festival, Poland, 2015 (Silver Hobby-Horse)

Festivals in selection

IDFA 2015
Gothenburg Film Festival
Krakow Film Festival