Eloy Domínguez Serén


Eloy Domínguez Serén was born in 1985 in Simes (Galicia). He studied in Salamanca, Milano and Barcelona, where he graduated in 2010. Before debuting as a filmmaker he worked as a film critic for both radio and press, becoming a member of the Youth Jury at 67th Biennale di Venezia in 2010. In 2012 he immigrated to Sweden, where he made his short film Pettring. In 2014 he released two new projects, the short film I Den Nya Himlen (premiered at Stockholm Film Festival) and the mediumfeature film Jet Lag (programmed at FID Marseille, Museum of the Moving Image, Doc’s Kingdom and Etats Généraux de Lussas, among others). His film No Cow on the Ice was premiered in 2015 at Visions du Réel and awarded at Filmadrid, Play-Doc and L’Alternativa; while his two mosts recent works, the shorts films YELLOW BRICK ROAD and RUST, have been premiered at Jihlava IDFF and FID Marseille, respectively. He is currently working in Vintersolverv, a Norwegian production shot in the Arctic Circle, and Hamada, a Swedish production set in Western Sahara.


2017 – Hamada, documentary, in production

2017 – Vintersolverv (Midwinter), in production

2016 Rust 14 min, experimental

2015 – Den gula tegelvägen (Yellow brick road), 14 min documentary

2015 – Ingen ko på isen (No cow on the ice), 63 min documentary

2014 – Jet lag, 52 min documentary

2014 – I den nya himlen (Novo novo céio), 6 min documentary

2013 – Pettring, 20 min documentary