Stories From the Debris

Jennifer Rainsford

With the 2011 Tsunami as a backdrop, Stories from The Debris is a staggering odyssey told as an essay on grief, and on how humans and nature rebuild after a trauma. It moves from the shores of Japan where Sashiko, Yasu and Satoko try to find ways to accept their loss; via rarely seen places thousands of meters below the sea level where new life-forms thrive; to one of the Hawaiian islands where a group of volunteers gather to clean the a beach from Japanese trash floating in from the Ocean.


Info & Credits

Jennifer Rainsford
Executive Producer
David Herdies
Michael Krotkiewski
Mirjam Gelhorn
Director of Photography
Iga Mikler, Wojtek Sulezycki, Karolina Pajak
Editor of teaser
Jennifer Rainsford
In development
In co-production with
Film in Skåne, WHAP
In association with
Chicken and Egg Pictures, Les Films Du Balibari
With Support From
The Swedish Film Institute, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Culture Bridge, Sweden-Japan Sasakawa foundation, Filmbasen, Sweden-Japan Foundation, Helge Axson Johson foundation, Längmanska kulturfonden, , Creative Europe Media
85 min – HD, Color