I Dreamed About Pol Pot

Julia Stanislawska & Michael Krotkiewski (2009)

Gunnar Bergström visited Cambodia in August 1978. It was then called Democratic Kampuchea and had become one of the most terror filled and destructive regimes of the 20th century. As chairman of the Swedish-Kampuchean friendship association, Gunnar and three other Swedes were there as ‘eye witnesses’, especially invited  to show the world that Pol Pot’s vision of the perfect society was true, and to belie all reports seeping out of refugee camps.

When the group returned to Europe they continued to promote the agenda. In national television  as well as in printed media they continued to deny refugees’ stories of persecution, torture and genocide. After thirty years, Gunnar returns  to Cambodia, to find a country dealing with the aftermath of genocide. During the course of his journey he is facing the human implications of what happened, and thereby examines  his own role  in the terror.

Info & Credits

Directed by
Julia Stanislawska
Michael Krotkiewski
Produced by
Michael Krotkiewski
Co-produced by
Peå Holmqvist
Forum för levande historia
Cinematography by
Julia Stanislawska
Michael Krotkiewski
Edited by
Julia Stanislawska
Original music by
Giovanni Dario Manzini

Festivals in selection

IDFA, Amsterdam, 2009

TEMPO, Stockholm, 2009

Telluride film festival, Colorado, 2009

Moscow International Bookfest, Moscow, 2009