Vera Sjunnesson

Bathtub is a dark comedy about intimacy, bodily experiences and fear of childbirth. When pregnant, 40-year-old Acko finds a hole under her zink leading to the bathroom underneath, she discovers a porn film production team shooting a scene in the tub. Before she knows it, she is involved in a relationship with the attractive and impotent 28-year-old lead actor, exploring dark and obscure dimensions of her sexuality in an attempt to come to terms with her acute fears of the coming birth.

“Acko’s situation is based on my own repeated nightmares of being in the final stages of a pregnancy and having an uncontrollable body. To me, this irrevocable, existential state of transition is an inspirational hotbed for a tragic comedy where I get to make a complex portrayal of a woman, her sexuality and her struggle to get her needs met in a bureaucratic healthcare system.” / Vera Sjunnesson, director & writer


Info & Credits

Directed by
Vera Sjunnesson
Vera Sjunnesson
Produced by
David Herdies & Mirjam Gelhorn
In development
With support by
Swedish Film Insitute