9 Scenes of Violence

Michael Krotkiewski (2011)

Humans abuse, kill and harass each other. Violence is a potential force within all of us. It is a force that can explode suddenly, or develop over time. In this documentary film, people return to the moment when impulse transcended into action, and when their lives – or someone else’s life – were forever changed. Without explanatory circumstances, this film opens the forbidden doors to the darker side of the human psyche.

Info & Credits

Michael Krotkiewski
Michael Krotkiewski
PeÅ Holmquist / Dramatiska Institutet
Lars Siltberg
Erik Andersson
Ahang Bashi
Michael Krotkiewski
Lars Siltberg
Michael Krotkiewski

ORIGINAL TITLE: 9 Scener om våld | YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2011 | 33 min | LANGUAGE: Swedish | SUBTITLES: English |

Awards and nominations

Grand prize at GO SHORT 2012

Festivals in selection

IDFA, Amsterdam, 2011, in competition
Go Short, Nijmegen, 2012
TEMPO Film Festival, Stockholm, 2012
Gothenburg Film Festival, 2012
Zagreb Dox, 2013
Planet Dox Warsaw, 2012


“Dömdas egna berättelser går direkt in i märgen” Aftonbladet 31/1 2012 (In Swedish)