Henrik Burman


Henrik Burman is a Swedish director and music journalist. His work includes hits such as Krunegård & Jinder on Tour and Sápmi Sessions. In 2007 he was involved in starting Swedish Television’s music site PSL where up until 2014 he directed and produced a unique platform for Swedish music journalists where documentary series and texts blended with visually innovative recordings and live performances.

Henrik has directed and produced houndreds of recordings with artists such as Tyler the Creator, ASAP Rocky and Grimes as well as being executive producer for documentary series about Robyn, Linda Pira, The Salazar Brothers and Ladies First at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

He has been awarded the Ikaros Prize, the Sami journalistic prize and was nominated for Banff World Media Festivals, The Rookie Awards and the European television prize Prix Circom.


2020 – Yung Lean: In My Head (Documentary) (directed by)

2017 – Little Jinder “Amy”, music video, director

2017 – Cup Iran, documentary series, director

2016 – Edit Talkshow with Parisa Amiri, tv show, two seasons, director

2015 – Edit Talkshow with Gina Dirawi, tv show, director

2015 – Krunegård & Jinder on tour, documentary, director & producer

2014 – Fonko, documentary, executive producer

2013 – The Salazar Brothers, documentary, executive producer

2013 – Summerburst Live From Stockholm Stadion, director & producer

2013 – Linda Pira and Ladies First Live at the Royal Dramativ Theatre, executive producer

2013 – Linda Pira as you didn’t know (Linda Pira – som du inte visste om), documentary series, executive producer

2012 – Krunegård Live at Cirkus, director & producer

2012, 2014 – Sinding Sessions, tv-show, director & producer

2012, 2014 – Studio PSL, studio live show, three seasons, director & producer

2011 – JJ, short documentary series, director & producer

2011 – M Special: Robyn, documentary, executive producer

2011 – Robyn Live at Berns, executive producer

2010 – PSL at the Festivals, tv documentary series, executive producer
2010, 2014 – Sápmi Sessions, tv series, two seasons, director & producer

2009 – The Summer with Lykke Li, short documentary series, director & producer

2008 – Kent, The stars of the psychic bunker (Stjärnorna i psykbunkern), short documentary series, director & producer

2007-2013 – PSL, 14 seasons, music tv show/ web site, director & producer