What Remains

What Remains

Anahita Ghazvinizadeh (2016)

After moving from Iran to the US, Leila spends a day at the suburban house of her uncle Reza who she last met 13 years ago as a young girl. Reza, his daughter and his colleagues get together to welcome Leila.

Info & Credits

Directed by
Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
Produced by
David Herdies
Co-produced by
Zoe Sua Cho/Mass Ornament Films
Alma Sinai
Farid Kossari
Oliver Shelton
Rodrigo Brum
Kira Sekhar
Screenplay and dialogue
Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
Director of Photography
Yoni Goldstein
Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
Production Designer
Azadeh Gholizadeh
Production Manager
Gin Yu
Art Director
Alex Hall
With support from
The Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery
In collaboration with
Change Attitude

18 min | Farsi and English | English subtitles