Stories From the Debris

Jennifer Rainsford

Stories From The Debris is a staggering odyssey told as a philosophical and emotional collage, following the wreckages and leftovers of a tsunami during several years as they move from Japan across the Pacific Ocean to the shores of Hawaii. The film moves from the smallest essence of a lifeform to the vastness of the sea, to erupting volcanoes and grieving individuals. Ultimately it becomes an examination on how humans and nature rebuild themselves after a trauma and how our attempts to control the world’s great forces seem both futile and momentous.


Info & Credits

Jennifer Rainsford
Executive Producer
David Herdies
Michael Krotkiewski
Director of Photography
Iga Mikler, Wojtek Sulezycki
Editor of teaser
Jennifer Rainsford
In development
With Support From
The Swedish Film Institute, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Culture Bridge, Sweden-Japan Sasakawa foundation, Filmbasen
75 min – HD, Color