Simón Mesa Soto (2021)

Colombia, 1990’s. A single mother attempts to keep her family together after her son is drafted by the army and assigned to the front in the country’s most dangerous war zone. To do this, she embarks on a journey against time in a society ruled by men, corruption and violence.

After the success with his short films Leidi (Palme D’Or, 2014) and Madre (nomination for  Palme D’Or, 2016), Amparo is Simón Mesa Soto’s debut feature film.

Info & Credits

Simón Mesa Soto
Simón Mesa Soto (CO)
Juan Sarmiento G. (CO)
Executive producers
Manuel Ruiz Montealegre (CO)
Hector Ulloque (CO)
David Herdies (SE)
Martin Heisler (DE)
Juan Sarmiento G. (CO)
Ricardo Saraiva (CO)
Production Designer
Marcela Gomez (CO)
Sound Designer
Ted Krotkiewski (SE)
Sandra Melissa Torres – Amparo
Diego Alejandro Tobon – Elias
Luciana Gallego – Karen
With support from
FDC Proimagenes Colombia
Antioquia Film Commission
Swedish Film Institute
Goethe Institut Bogota
Magin Comunicaciones