The Gods

Ahang Bashi

Bita, Lilly and Jane are sixteen years old and live in the small town of Tierp; a suburb to outer space where the streets bleed of sleet and nobody fucks up the patriarchy. They’ve outsmarted the anti-pussy system, they are Gods now, powerful and acting out – but they’re also lost. Lilly is in a relationship with the school’s Prince Charming. When they become aware of that he in fact beats her, Bita and Jane decide to do something about it. Soon enough they realize that when one problem is out of the way, a thousand remain. They need to take revenge. On dull Tierp, the adult world, and every douchey guy. And they’re doing it together.

The Gods is based on a novel by Elin Cullhed, and is Ahang Bashi’s first fiction feature.

Info & Credits

Directed by
Ahang Bashi
Emma Broström
Produced by
David Herdies